Scheduled Upcoming Events

Friday 21 September: Student’s Walk of Hope The Hague; Arrival at the Peace Palace between 12.30 &13.00 

Saturday 22 September: Talk Sri M “Inner- Peace in today’s world” + Q&A session; 15.30-17.30

Sunday 23 September: Talk Sri M, The Hague International Open Day

Monday 24 September: Talk Sri M “ Man’s eternal search for happiness” + Q&A session; 15.30-17.30

Tuesday 25 September: Sri M talk & debate: “Human values and Inter-cultural dialogue”; 16.00-18.00

Wednesday 26 September: Walk of Hope Youth Conference

Thursday 27 September: Retreat @“The Cynham” 

Friday         28 September: Retreat

Saturday 29 September: Retreat

Sunday      30 September: Gandhi Walk organised by the Indian embassy

Monday  1 October: Book Launch of Sri M’s
Autobiography in Dutch & English @19:00 

Walk of Hope: Event Newsletter

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